Friday, November 8, 2013

Jerry's Paintings

Self-Portrait in Bedroom, Jerry the Bird, 1975 (approx.).

Jerry the Bird came to painting late in his life. His interest in art was inspired by his relationship with the human woman who inspired the Penelope character in his famous memoir, Among the Humans. "Penelope" was an artist, who painted a portrait of Jerry, and involved him in a few of her art projects during their brief relationship.

After they parted ways, Jerry began to draw and paint. Like his poetry, he drew his subject matter from his own life, creating many self-portraits and painting his friends, including those who appear in Among the Humans: Carter J. Lizardman, Tank the Goalie, Penelope, and others.

One of Jerry's notable painting projects was a series of water color paintings he created to accompany his prose poem "The Bird." The poem is an early, extremely simplified version of what would eventually become his memoir. The tragi-comic poem and painting series chillingly foreshadows his eventual death. Jerry also worked on paintings intended to accompany Among The Humans, but a complete illustrated version of the memoir never saw publication.

Few of Jerry's paintings have been seen by the public, except on this website. As more paintings are made available they will be posted here. Check back often.

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